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Social Studies


Courses Offered  |  Course Sequences  |  Level Changes

Courses Offered in the Social Studies Department:

Required Courses Offered at the On-level, Honors, and AP levels:

  • World History (10th grade – full year)
  • US History (11th grade – full year)
  • Government (12th grade – 1 semester)
  • Economics (12th grade – 1 semester)


  • AP Human Geography (full year)
  • AP Psychology (full year)
  • AP Seminar (full year, application required)
  • AP Comparative Government and Politics (1 semester)
  • AP Microeconomics (1 semester)
  • US History in Film (1 semester)
  • Psychology (1 semester)
  • Sociology (1 semester)
  • Sociology (1 semester)

Course Sequences for Social Studies:

  • Note: Social Studies is not required for Ninth Grade students. It is strongly recommended that students interested in AP or Honors World History take AP Human Geography or Honors US and World Affairs in the Ninth Grade.

Course sequence for on-level students:

10th Grade: World History 11th Grade: US History 12th Grade: Government/Economics

Course sequence for Honors Level students:

10th Grade: Honors World History 11th Grade: Honors US History 12th Grade: Honors Government/Economics

Course sequence for Advanced Placement level students:

10th Grade: AP World History 11th Grade: AP US History 12th Grade: AP Government / AP Economics

Requirements to Change Levels:

To move from On-level to Honors:

  • Minimum grade of 90 in previous on-level course.
  • Good work ethic, reading, and writing skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Teacher Recommendation

To move from Honors to AP:

  • Minimum Grade of 85 in previous Honors Course (can be Honors Lit grade if not enrolled in Social Studies class during Ninth grade)
  • Current or Former Teacher Recommendation

To move from On-level to Honors:

  • Minimum Grade of 90 in previous On-level course
  • Current or Former Teacher Recommendation

Current or former teacher recommendation will be based on the following considerations:

  • Have the ability/work ethic to handle the increased rigor of Honors or AP Level classes
  • Exhibit a sincere interest and enthusiasm for the subject area and to be challenged academically
  • Take risks in learning inside and outside the classroom
  • Feel comfortable learning through technology
  • Represent the high standards of Etowah HS
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility and strives hard to do their best in the class.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities
  • Are serious with schoolwork and show steady progress
  • Work well with others and show respect towards others
  • Value honesty and are positive role models
  • Are optimistic and enthusiastic