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CCSD Class of 2022 Outscores State & Nation on SAT

CCSD Class of 2022 Outscores State & Nation on SAT

Cherokee County School District’s Class of 2022 outscored the state and nation on the SAT college entrance exam, according to results released today by the College Board.

The CCSD Class of 2022 earned an average total score of 1091 on the curriculum-based college entrance and placement exam.  CCSD’s score exceeds the national public school average by 63 points and the State by 39 points and ranks CCSD in the top 10% of districts statewide.  

“Congratulations to the Class of 2022: we’re proud of your hard work, as demonstrated again with these outstanding scores,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said.  “Our teachers continue to provide our students with exceptional instruction, and we’re grateful for them and their role in earning these scores that exceed both state and national averages.”  

The SAT, the most commonly recognized measure of achievement for high school students, measures critical reading and mathematics abilities.  It includes two 800-point sections: Evidence Based Reading & Writing (ERW) and Mathematics, with a possible total score of 1600; a third section, a writing exam, is optional.  Fifteen percent of CCSD students participated in the optional essay.  

The CCSD Class of 2022 average ERW score is 553 -- 17 over Georgia and 32 over U.S., and the Math is 538 -- 22 over Georgia and 31 over the U.S.  The top 4% of CCSD’s scores surpassed a 1400 average.  CCSD scores, like scores statewide, did dip from last year’s totals, with more students participating in testing: 57% (1,696 students) of CCSD’s Class of 2022, as compared to 45% of the Class of 2021.  Fifty-one percent of Georgia’s Class of 2022 took the SAT, as compared to 38% of the Class of 2021.  Some students choose to take the ACT, a different college entrance exam, and some students take both; ACT scores are expected to be released next month.

All CCSD high schools topped national and state averages on the SAT and scored within a 37-point span.  Their scores are: Cherokee HS, 1065 (ERW 540, Math 525); Creekview HS, 1099 (ERW 556, Math 543); Etowah HS, 1081 (ERW 548, Math 533); River Ridge HS, 1102 (ERW 559, Math 543) -- the highest in CCSD; Sequoyah HS, 1101 (ERW 561, Math 541); and Woodstock HS, 1093 (ERW 552, Math 541).

“Georgia public schools continue to exceed the national average on the SAT -- that’s a testament to the hard work of students and teachers,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said.  “I am extremely proud of the Class of 2022 and their educators, families and communities who have invested in them.  While students and schools have faced significant challenges over the last several years, as a state we will continue to invest in academic recovery and the opportunities available to every graduate of every Georgia public school.”  


Note:  The average ERW and Math scores for schools and districts are rounded before being published by the College Board; this can result in a slight difference in the Total score (like in the case of SHS this year) from the simple sum of the rounded ERW and Math numbers.