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Message from the Superintendent: Teacher Appreciation Day

Message from the Superintendent: Teacher Appreciation Day

A message to the community from Cherokee County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower …

We live in a wonderful community, filled with so many people working every day to make it a better place.

From the friendly “my pleasure” at the drive-through to the first responders helping neighbors in times of need to the judges who measure out justice because, although we live in a wonderful community, it’s not perfect.

Every day I marvel at the goodness we enjoy each day living here.  

And I’m incredibly thankful for our teachers, who I believe play a large part in making this goodness happen.  For so many in our community, from the cashier to the first responder to the judge, have benefitted from the expertise, guidance and care of a CCSD teacher.  Our CCSD family includes about 3,000 current teachers and many retired educators who still call Cherokee home and often bless us with their volunteer service.

Today, the first Tuesday in May, is national Teacher Appreciation Day.  

Don’t worry if this caught you by surprise: not every one of our schools celebrates the occasion this week, as our awesome PTAs choose the timing of their celebration.  And believe me, as a longtime teacher, when I tell you that teachers are grateful for your appreciation whenever they receive it.  Whether it’s a gift card or a hand-written note or a thoughtful email, these kindnesses inspire us, get us through challenges and remind us of why we do what we do.  We appreciate these kindnesses, and even more so value your trust, respect and partnership in teaching your child. 

Teachers choose this career to make a positive difference: in the lives of their students, in their community as a whole, in the future of our world.  In my career and as a parent, I’ve seen so many acts of kindness by our teachers, and it is what I believe makes our schools and our community special.  Any school district worth its salt can find teachers who excel at instruction, and I firmly believe our teachers are among the country’s best.  It’s far more challenging to develop a culture where teachers with the best hearts want to serve.

Our outstanding test scores and accolades tell the story of our teachers’ professional excellence.  But the rest of the story … it’s in the early mornings and late afternoons they work to offer clubs so every child can feel included, the snack drawers and treasure boxes and buckets they fill, the heartfelt senior letters and college recommendations they write, the invitations they accept for years to come for students’ graduations, weddings, baby showers.  It’s in all the things they do above and beyond the superhero role they already play. 

These are my favorite parts of our story. 

Our teachers are a part of not just our story, but also your family’s story.  Please take a moment today to think about the teachers who have made a positive difference in your life, your children’s lives and in our community’s present and future success.  Please consider thanking them – you’ll be glad you did.